Contemporary Jazz Quintet


Debut album to be released soon with Trytone

Wagon 40s Promo Clip

Promotional video for our debut album release

Wagon Live at Slow Down Studios

Live Studio Recording Video


Original music made of thoroughly composed, texturally rich material with very energetic and open improvised moments.

We explore the idea of creating interesting harmonies with overlapping or contrasting elements, open moving spaces, the balance between an overbearing yet highly satisfying and energetic darker character and a more peaceful and moving approach and powerful themes that blend these all of these features together.  

Band Members

Tomás Boto, alto saxophone/clarinet/bass clarinet

Jose Cervera Minguez, alto saxophone/flute/baritone saxophone

Gonçalo Oliveira, electric guitar

Snorri Skúlason, double bass

Tristan Guillaume, drums

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