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Guitar and Music Lessons


For all ages and different levels (beginners, intermediate and more advanced).


You'll learn your favourite songs by your favourite artists and about Guitar Technique, Music Theory, Ear Training and all the basic musical knowledge you need, as well as all of the more advanced concepts you'll want.


I teach privately, both at my home or the student's.


Flexible, easy and comfortable planning. 


Lessons are available in both English and Portuguese.

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What I love about the process of making and performing music are the endless possibilities that exist well within the grasp of anyone who really attempts to understand them. Not only this but, while understanding them, still wanting to share an interesting and honest perspective and being able to reach the level of focus and entertainment (both at an intellectual and emotional level) that has the potential to “elevate” our minds and personalities. 

Basically, Music is true fun and entertainment. The guitar is, for me, one of the most interesting vehicles for musical expression, given that it has immense sonic possibilities and continuously gives us, in so many ways, some of the most memorable, powerful and fun musical moments.

Teaching is for me one of the most intellectually engaging ways to pass on the knowledge I’ve gathered, while still learning from the students themselves. One of the things I find most important and interesting about music is the development of your own and honest design, manifesting our own interests and ideas about music and life in general in our playing and enjoyment of music. It is through this very attitude that I get to learn from the students and their personalities, and I believe that it is also something that makes students engage more with their own ideas and perceptions, which in turn makes them progress more.

In class, I always make the effort of understanding what are the goals and interests of all students, as well as their own skills. This way we can address the issues at hand more effectively and make sure the student never loses his/her interest and focus in music and his/her instrument. I believe that an honest and friendly relationship between teacher and student is essential for this exchange of ideas to happen more clearly and fluently, and so I do my best to make everyone feel comfortable enough to share their own thoughts freely.