Audio-Visual band


An immersive, beautiful and contemplative interaction between two electric guitars and visual reflections.


Moments from Rewire 2021 [offline edition]

A few moments from our live performance at the Rewire Festival in Den Haag


Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-o-Novo

Recording of a live performance


Audio-visual project that explores the physical and digital, controllable and out of control, something contemplative and yet overbearing, simple but complicated, fascinated with things beautiful but also hidden in unexpected places.

An improvising electric guitar duo with Gonçalo Oliveira and James Alexandropoulos Mc-Ewan, explore the unrepeatable and difficult to control aspects of the electric guitar, in sounds that arise unexpectedly from the complexity of the guitar’s electronic circuitry, to big layerings of sounds, to subtle microtonal clashing chords.

Interacting with the performative visuals of Felix Bodin, using his self-designed visual instrument, consists of projections reverberated through the performance space with the use of a malleable mirrored surface which spreads, distorts or focuses digitally generated patterns into unique and dazzling light and projection shows. Sometimes delicate and beautifully serene, other times erratic, unpredictable and exciting.

Band members

Gonçalo Oliveira, guitar
James Alexandropoulos-McEwan, guitar
Felix Bodin, mirror

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