Alternative Rock Band

Sunder Blunder

Groovy, intense, catchy and edgy group based in Rotterdam.

"Burning Michaels"

Debut single from the upcoming debut album

Live at Pop Radar in Den Haag

Snippets from our live performance.


Sunder Blunder is a very groovy and innovative three- piece alternative rock band based in Rotterdam. Its sound is based on very strong rhythmical concepts, where each element sets a groove while the others strengthen it by following or going against it, as well as very powerful, original and catchy guitar riffs, bass lines and melodies.
It draws influences from Post-Rock, Math Rock, Punk Rock and even from South-American genres like Samba and Baião.

Band Members

Rengert Eggink, Bass and Vocals

Gonçalo Oliveira, Guitar and Backing Vocals

Nicolas Puig, Drums and Backing Vocals

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